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Second Edition
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[Car] 2 Gollek
[Stf] Cardassian
•Diplomacy •Intelligence •Programming •Security
When you play this personnel, she is cost -1 for each opponent that has an event in his or her discard pile.
The Obsidian Order seeded agents throughout the Cardassian military.
Integrity 6 Cunning 6 Strength 5
30 V 42

Negatives: She's not an eligible target for The Central Command Interrupt.

Positives: Non-unique. Staffing Icon. 2 Cost for useful skills and strong Attributes. Cost is good even before a possible discount.

Extra: Real useful for Cardassians. It's rare to find a Cardassian with good Integrity. Much better than you find with the low Integrity you get from most Cardassians. She has all the skills for Access Relay Station just add another Programming (or bring multiple Golleks.)

Applicable Cards: The Central Command; Access Relay Station; Gollek;