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Second Edition
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Legal Inflexibility


[P] 3 Legal Inflexibility
Unless you have 2 Transporters and Strength>32 or Law and Cunning>32, all your personnel are stopped. When this dilemma is overcome, if it was prevented, your opponent may choose one of your personnel involved in the mission attempt to be placed in your opponent's brig.
"There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute."
30 V 5

Positives: Could stop all personnel. If prevented could capture a personnel.

Negatives: Planet Only. Without a thinner easily overcome.

Extra: For this card to be effective you need to throw a thinner of some sort of thinner like Slightly Overbooked in front of it. If your opponent uses something like Bridge Officer's Test you can capture someone. Legal Inflexibility's usefulness is greater against some affiliations than others. It is an occasionally useful card, but to be really effective other Dilemmas have to come before it.

Applicable Cards: Legal Inflexibility; Slightly Overbooked; Bridge Officer's Test;