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Second Edition
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Starbase 718, Investigate Cryosatellite


[S] •Starbase 718, Investigate Cryosatellite
[AQ] 30
Engineer and (Leadership, Security, and Strength>32 or Medical, Science, and Cunning>32)
When your personnel complete this mission, you may place any number of unique personnel with a total cost of 6 or less from your discard pile at your headquarters mission where they could be played.
"...each of them had been frozen after they died."
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 3
30 V 32

Positives: Could pull some personnel out of the discard pile for free. Skills easy to come by.

Negatives: Only worth 30 points. Only targets unique personnel.

Extra: This is one of those cards you want to check to have some personnel in the discard pile before solving. You could lose a personnel during the attempt and just get them back when you solve. (Bridge Officer's Test to kill someone and prevent stop. Then solve and replay them.) A good Space Mission for the Dominion or Klingon decks that has a Strength option to solve. The requirements are high enough you don't have to worry about Insurrection. Just take Lore, the One and Roga Danar, Decorated Subhadarand you will have double the Skills to solve and over half the required Strength.

Applicable Cards: Insurrection; Bridge Officer's Test; Starbase 718, Investigate Cryosatellite; Lore, The One; Roga Danar, Decorated Subhadar;