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Second Edition
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Russell Toddman, Security Conscious


[Fed] 3 •Russell Toddman, Security Conscious
[Cmd] [E] Human
•Leadership •Officer •Security
Admiral. When you lose command of one of your events, you may take a [DS9] personnel you own that was on that event and place him or her at your headquarters mission where he or she could be played. (You now command that personnel.)
"...there's nothing we can do."
Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 6
30 V 50

Positives: You can get [DS9] personnel in play for free. Good Attributes.

Negatives: Only 3 common skills. Ability only works on [DS9] personnel. He lacks the [DS9] icon.

Extra: When cards like Energize, Security Drills and Walk the Line expire you can put one of the personnel that was on it at your headquarters. You can only do one personnel, so you couldn't take 4 personnel (e.g. if Energize expired having 4 Personnel.) You could throw some high Cost personnel on Security Drills while facing a dilemma just to force it to expire then get it in play for free. Toddman can't be played at the Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9, so choose your headquarters wisely, or stock Charles Whatley, Professional Admiral. Nice card for saving and getting personnel in play for free

Applicable Cards: Energize; Security Drills; Walk the Line; Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9; Charles Whatley, Professional Admiral; Russell Toddman, Security Conscious;