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Second Edition
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Yteppa, Obsidian Order Asset


[Car] 2 •Yteppa, Obsidian Order Asset
•Exobiology •Intelligence •Security •Transporters
Infiltrator. When an opponent's personnel present is killed, you may discard a Capture card from hand to place that personnel in your brig.
"It's all right. You're safe."
Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 6
30 V 45

Negatives: Low Integrity. No Staffing Icon. Requires Capture cards in hand to activate her ability.

Positives: 2 Cost for 4 useful Skills. Good Strength and Cunning. Ability to Capture Personnel that are killed at her location.

Extra: If you get this personnel with opponents crew and are running a Kill Dilemma pile you could capture a whole bunch of personnel. The problem would be having lots of Capture cards that get in the way when you are drawing for cards. You could even use this personnel in Dominion decks play her to Anything or Anyone then move her to opponents ship and wait till his next mission attempt. The drawback would be your opponent could just trade ships. There's still the planet missions you could just park her at as well. With this personnel cards like Enemy in your Midst and Set Up are suddenly options for Cardassians. Yteppa and Goran are the only two Cardassian Infiltrators, but if you need more you can always use the Naprem ship to make everyone on a Planet an Infiltrator.

Applicable Cards: Anything or Anyone; Enemy in Your Midst; Set Up; Goran; Yteppa, Obsidian Order Asset; Naprem; Naprem, Renegade Vessel;