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Second Edition
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He Wasn't Nice


[D] 0 He Wasn't Nice
This dilemma is cost +5. Your opponent names a personnel. Kill each personnel with that card title.
"He's gone! I didn't mean to do that. He made me do it! He laughed at me."
17 V 6

Positives: 0 Cost. Could kill a personnel of your choice. Could kill 3 personnel. Duel dilemma.

Negatives: Cost is really 5.

Extra: The 0 Cost is intended so that you could use something like Uninvited to target He Wasn't Nice and pull it out of the dilemma pile. If your opponent has 3 useful generic personnel like Imat'Korex you could get all 3 at once. But that's tough to pull off. Unusually good at targeting some specific Personnel. Combine it with Secret Identity and you can look through the crew attempting to get some Personnel's name then play He Wasn't Nice. Good Killing Dilemma that gets rid of someone your opponent needs.

Applicable Cards: He Wasn't Nice; Secret Identity; Uninvited; Imat'Korex;