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Second Edition
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Identify Temporal Disturbance


[S] •Identify Temporal Disturbance
[AQ] 30
Astrometrics, Engineer, Transporters, and Integrity>32 Your [AU] personnel may attempt and complete this mission with these requirements: Leadership, 2 Security, and Strength>32.
Near Starbase 105: Chart anomalous spatial rift and catalog nearby gravimetric effects.
[Fed] [Kli] [NA]
Span 3
28 V 21

Positives: Skills required are fairly common. Attribute requirement fairly low.

Negatives: 3 Span.

Extra: This is a completely average mission and if it fits the skill set/point requirements of your mission set this is a good one to use for an easy 30 Points. The Attribute requirement is high enough that your opponent can't use Insurrection on it. If you are using non-aligned any affiliation can solve the Mission. Personnel like Kejal, Radiant Mender and Rabal have all the necessary Skills. (As does Nagata for the OS Feds.) AU Starfleet Personnel with multiple Brennan Scotts and Logan Black can get together and solve using the alternate requirements. Heck, even the Borg can do this with Unimatrix Zero.

Applicable Cards: Insurrection; Unimatrix Zero; Identify Temporal Disturbance; Brennan Scott; Kejal, Radiant Mender; Logan Black; Nagata; Rabal;