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Second Edition
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Denorios Belt, Locate Celestial Temple


[S] •Denorios Belt, Locate Celestial Temple
[AQ] 20
Diplomacy, Honor, Navigation, and Integrity>22
Region: Bajor System.
"In the twenty-second century, a ship carrying Kai Taluno was disabled for several days in the Denorios Belt, where he claims he had a vision."
Span 3
30 V 26

Positives: Low Requirements to solve.

Negatives: Intended for Bajoran only.

Extra: If your Bajoran deck needs some easy extra points (if you are worried about your opponent playing the Phoenix, Risen From the Ashes or something) this is the mission to include. The points are low enough that Insurrection can't be activated. The Mission requires Integrity. An attribute Bajorans have a lot of in high numbers. The only drawback for the Bajorans with this mission is the Navigation skill requirement. There are around 19 Bajoran personnel that carry Navigation and 4 of those are Kira Nerys variations. Break out the multiples of Dohlem. He has Diplomacy and Navigation. He even has a staffing icon which can be useful in Bajoran Integrity builds.

Applicable Cards: Insurrection; Denorios Belt, Locate Celestial Temple; Dohlem; Phoenix, Risen From the Ashes;