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Second Edition
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Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister


[Sta] 5 •Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister
[Pa] Human
•Diplomacy •Law •Leadership
When you play a non-Human [SF] personnel at this mission, you may stop this personnel to make that personnel cost -2.
"Earth's survival depends on alliances with other species."
Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 5
17 V 81

Negatives: Cost 5. Has to be present at reporting loction. Stopped when he uses ability. No staffing icon.

Positives: Good Attributes. Reduces the cost of Non-Human [SF] personnel by 2. Has Law and 2 common skills.

Extra: To effectively use this personnel he has to stay at the headquarters (or Enterprise, Damaged Starship) and he is going to be stopped every other turn. Samuels has been heavily revised. Good for getting out Non-Human Starfleet Personnel (of which there are several) out with a Cost reduction.

Applicable Cards: Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister; Enterprise, Damaged Starship;