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Second Edition
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Emergency Transport Unit


[Equ] 2 Emergency Transport Unit
When your personnel present is about to be killed, you may return this equipment to its owner's hand to place that personnel on your ship at this mission instead. He or she is stopped.
Portable transport technology capable of beaming a single target over a short distance. Data carried a prototype version of the device.
4C 32

Positives: Can save a personnel about to be killed. ETU returns to hand after use.

Negatives: Personnel saved is stopped. ETU returns to hand after use.

Extra: The ETU returning to hand is both a positive and a negative in that you can replay it on another turn, but if there are any more Kill dilemmas you have to face you won't be able to save anyone else. Of course the second power of the ETU is as fodder for the Grav-Plating Trap which allows you to prevent Interrupts and Events by discarding Equipment. This dual purpose makes it a great all around any affiliation card. You can even use it to save Personnel who die if they use their ability like Lal, Beloved, Ikat'ika, Honorable Warrior and Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader.

Applicable Cards: Emergency Transport Unit; Grav-Plating Trap; Ikat'ika, Honorable Warrior; Lal, Beloved; Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader;