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Second Edition
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Nilz Baris, Agricultural Undersecretary


[Fed] 1 •Nilz Baris, Agricultural Undersecretary
[Stf] [TOS] [Pa] Human
•Anthropology •Diplomacy •Law
You may play this personnel at cost +3 to remove an event (or dilemma) on your non-headquarters mission from the game.
"I consider your security measures a disgrace. In my opinion, you have taken this important project far too lightly."
Integrity 5 Cunning 6 Strength 5
30 V 48

Positives: Normal cost 1. For 4 cost can remove an event or dilemma from mission. Three useful skills. Staffing icon.

Negatives: He's Unique.

Extra: With cards like Trap is Sprung and Insurrection out there his ability is more useful than ever. Too bad he's unique and you can't get more than one in play, but you could always use Pavel A. Chekov, Young Navigator to return him to hand and play him again if needed. For a 1 cost personnel with his skill/attribute set and staffing icon Nilz Baris is far above his Next Gen counterpart Seth Mendoza. Worth including in most Original series decks

Applicable Cards: Insurrection; Trap Is Sprung; Nilz Baris, Agricultural Undersecretary; Pavel A. Chekov, Young Navigator; Seth Mendoza;