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Second Edition
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Houdini Mines


[P] 4 Houdini Mines
Unless you have 2 Engineer and 2 Science or 2 Programming and 3 Security, randomly select a personnel to be killed, then this dilemma returns to its owner's dilemma pile.
"You can walk by the same place a hundred times and nothing happens. And then … bang."
2 C 13

Negatives: 4 Cost.

Positives: Relatively high skill requirements to overcome. Could return to dilemma pile.

Extra: It's planet only which makes sense, but in today's play environment there are a few of kill dilemmas that are dual that kill for less (The Clown: Guillotine, Last Gasp etc.) The Dal'Rok does almost the same thing for less. Could be useful in an Overwhelmed Dilemma pile.

Applicable Cards: Houdini Mines; Last Gasp; Overwhelmed; The Clown: Guillotine;