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Second Edition
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Alexander Rozhenko, K'mtar


[Kli] 4 •Alexander Rozhenko, K'mtar
[Cmd] [Fut] Human/Klingon
•2 Diplomacy •Honor •Programming •Transporters
High Council Member. When you play this personnel, if each of your non-headquarters missions requires Diplomacy, you may download up to two events, then play each of them at cost -3.
"I never became a warrior! I became a diplomat. A 'peacemaker.'"
Integrity 8 Cunning 5 Strength 8
6P 54

Positives: Future Icon. High Council Member Keyword. Downloads 2 Events and plays them cost -3. Really strong attributes. 3 useful skills and one common skill.

Negatives: To use his Ability all your Non-Headquarters Missions must require Diplomacy.

Extra: If you aren't using all Diplomacy missions to take advantage of his ability the cost of this personnel might be a little high. For his download there are many great Events to choose from. Typically, Energize, Surprise Party, All Out War, Bah!, Hindrance, Heart of Glory, Birthright, Born for Conquest and Standard Orbit are all strong choices. Really good attributes and skills. He almost gets by Gomtuu Shock Wave by himself

Applicable Cards: Gomtuu Shock Wave; BaH!; Born for Conquest; Energize; Heart of Glory; Standard Orbit; Surprise Party; Alexander Rozhenko, Good Luck Charm; Alexander Rozhenko, K'mtar;