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Second Edition
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Signs of Sentience


[Int] Signs of Sentience
To play this interrupt, stop your Android and your non-Android present together.
Order - Take an Android from your discard pile and place it on the bottom of its owner's deck.
Order - Reveal your hand to destroy an event that costs less than the number of Androids revealed.
"Intelligence; self-awareness; consciousness."
29 V 32

Positives: Dual uses. Can retrieve an android to bottom of deck. Can destroy an opponents event without sacrificing another card.

Negatives: Limited use, mostly for Android decks.

Extra: This is a card designed purely for a certain deck type full of androids. The first use of returning a android to deck bottom is limited to one personnel. There are a quite a few cards that return more personnel more effectively like Tacking into the Wind or even Back to Basics. The real reason to stock this Interrupt is the second function; which is to get rid of an opponents event. Other than stopping a couple personnel this is one of the few event destroyers that doesn't have an additional premium cost. (like losing 5 points-Kevin Uxbridge or destroying some additional card - Grav-plating Trap.) Could be useful for setting up (or beating) Blue Match/Red Match.

Applicable Cards: Back to Basics; Blue Match; Red Match; Tacking Into the Wind; Grav-Plating Trap; Kevin Uxbridge; Signs of Sentience;