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Second Edition
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Chula: Trickery


[D] 2 Chula: Trickery
Randomly select three personnel. Unless those personnel have 2 Officer or twelve different skills, all three are stopped.
"Over here. Hurry!"
"Where's it coming from?"
"Spread out."
30 V 3

Negatives: If you are facing an opponent using lots of Officers it's likely to miss.

Positives: 2 Cost. Dual Dilemma. Odds are good you are going to stop 3 personnel.

Extra: Of the 9 Chula Cards this is one of the stronger ones and it will turn up in most Chula Dilemma piles. Coming up with 12 different skills is going to be tough with 3 personnel, and there have to be a lot of Officers for you to randomly draw 2. Although, Skill gaining by your opponent can be a problem. The chances are still good you are going to stop 3 personnel. Mixes well with Personal Duty or Chula: The Game. Either one of those comboed with Chula: Trickery can prevent a Mission Solve.

Applicable Cards: Chula: The Game; Chula: Trickery; Personal Duty;