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Second Edition
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Formal Hearing


[D] 7 Formal Hearing
For each event your opponent commands in his or her core, this dilemma is cost -1. Unless you have Diplomacy, Intelligence, 2 Programming and Cunning>38 or 2 Honor, Law, and 2 Officer, randomly select three personnel to be stopped.
"The debriefing's on hold, indefinitely. I want you to take some time off to clear your head."
0 VP 75 or 4U 14

Negatives: Requires a lot of events to minimize cost. The 2 Honor, Law, and 2 Officer requirement is fairly easy to meet.

Positives: Dual Dilemma. Could cost nothing if you are running a lot of events. Could stop 3 personnel.

Extra: The ugly stepsister of Whisper in the Dark and Tsiolkovsky Infection with the advantage of being dual and having 1 less Cost. It also carries the disadvantage of only stopping personnel as opposed to the other two that Kill Personnel. This is still a useful Dilemma, but the second Skill set is pretty easy to pass unless you run some sort of thinner in front of it like An Issue of Trust or Overwhelmed. Useful in decks that run a bunch of Events.

Applicable Cards: An Issue of Trust; Formal Hearing; Overwhelmed; Tsiolkovsky Infection; Whisper in the Dark;