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Second Edition
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Gomtuu Shock Wave


[S] 3 Gomtuu Shock Wave
Unless you have 2 Diplomacy and Integrity>32 or Telepathy and Integrity>35, all your personnel are stopped and this dilemma is placed on your ship.
Damage - This ship is attributes-2.
"Whatever Tin Man hit us with, it fried circuits I thought were unfryable."
3 R 12 or O VP 89

Negatives: Space only. High Integrity decks easily pass this dilemma.

Positives: Integrity>32 and >35 can be hard to come by for some Affiliations. Diplomacy x2 and Telepathy are skills that are not common. Could Stop entire Crew. The Dilemma is placed on the ship if it's Conditions are not met (reducing attributes -2).

Extra: One of the few really great early 2E dilemmas that still sees a lot of use today. For 3 Cost it is most affordable. Almost always a guaranteed stop when a filter like An Issue of Trust or Personal Duty is applied in front of it. Stocked in a lot of Attack decks to lower shields and stop the Crew at a Mission then on the Opponent's turn he flies over and attacks with two separate ships which destroys the ship with the Gomtuu Shock Wave on it.

Applicable Cards: An Issue of Trust; Gomtuu Shock Wave; Personal Duty;