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Second Edition
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Kreetassa, Perform Intricate Ritual


[P] •Kreetassa, Perform Intricate Ritual
[AQ] 35
Honor, Law, Officer, and Integrity>36 or Intelligence, Security, Treachery, and Strength>36
At the start of your first turn, you may download up to two Rituals. Place one in your core and discard the other.
"Let me know if this fits with your definition of an appropriate apology." Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 2
30 V 28

Positives: Any Affiliation (except Borg) may attempt. 2 span. Skills are fairly easy to come by. You can download a Ritual.

Negatives: You have to discard a ritual. You have to remember to do it at the start of your first turn.

Extra: This is great for getting out the Alvera Tree Ritual, Emanations or Klingon Tea Ceremony. Play the one you think you need most and discard the other. If your opponent is playing a deck that you think has a lot of downloads get the Klingon Tea Ceremony. If it's a Bajoran deck then get the Emanations to modify card retrieval. The Event you Discard can be brought back. There are plenty of mechanisms for getting the discarded Ritual back (or not, if you need an Event in your discard pile for the Dyson Sphere, Explore Mysterious Structure.) Technically while the Borg can not solve this Mission they can still use it and even solve it with Expand the Collective.

Applicable Cards: Alvera Tree Ritual; Emanations; Expand the Collective; Klingon Tea Ceremony; Dyson Sphere, Explore Mysterious Structure; Kreetassa, Perform Intricate Ritual;