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Second Edition
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Organized Crime


[Eve] 2 Organized Crime
Crime. To play this event, you must command six Thief personnel. Take command of an event that has no cards on it in an opponent's core. (Move that event to your core.) If that events costs 3 or more, that opponent scores 5 points. Destroy this event.
"They were employing a high-energy transporter beam, designed to locate items of technological value, and remove them."
29 V 22

Negatives: You need 6 Thieves to activate it. Depending on Event cost could give Opponent 5 points.

Positives: Crime Keyword. Takes an Event away from opponent and lets you use it. 2 Cost.

Extra: Highly specialized card for decks running a lot of Thieves. Very good card for stealing opponent's events. The 2 Cost is great. You could steal something like Energize before any cards are placed on it. Give opponent 5 points. Then play Preposterous Plan a couple times then play Khan!.

Applicable Cards: Energize; Organized Crime; Khan!; Preposterous Plan;