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Second Edition
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In a Mirror, Darkly


[Eve] 0 In a Mirror, Darkly
Lose 5 points to shuffle each personnel and ship you own in your discard pile into your deck and then draw cards until you have seven cards in hand. Remove this event and all the other cards in your discard pile from the game.
Jean-Luc Picard reflected upon introducing an unstable element into a critical situation.
14 R 34 or O VP 13

Positives: Can return all Ships and Personnel in Discard Pile to draw deck. You get to draw to 7 cards. 0 Cost.

Negatives: Requires loss of 5 points to activate. Removes all other cards in Discard Pile from game. Mostly useful late in the game.

Extra: This is one of those cards that can be in the way if you draw it too early. Tapestry does a similar thing. Other than the card draw and Cost they have the same effect, and you don't have to lose 5 points (although, you do have to lose any cards left in your draw deck with Tapestry.) If your Mission solve is going over 100 Points and your deck is slim In A Mirror Darkly could save your game. Placing Events, Equipment, and Interrupts Out of Play can be a problem. There are other options like Back to Basics or Tacking Into the Wind which can also bring back Ships and Personnel without placing cards Out of Play.

Applicable Cards: Back to Basics; Tacking Into the Wind; Tapestry;