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Second Edition
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Leap of Faith


[Int] Leap of Faith
When your Kai, Prylar, or Vedek is randomly selected by a dilemma, if the cost of that dilemma is less than the cost of that personnel, he or she cannot be stopped by dilemmas until the end of this turn.
"Evil must be opposed."
30 V 22

Positives: Prevent stopping of Kai, Prylar, or Vedek for Rest of Turn.

Negatives: Only works on One personnel. Dilemma has to cost less than the personnel. The personnel has to be Randomly selected.

Extra: If one of your religious Personnel gets stopped by Show Trial or An Issue of Trust you could play this and that personnel could become unstoppable. So if you solve one mission and play Leap of Faith you could go to a second and the personnel could continue to unstoppable (although, the personnel is stopped by mission failure.) The problem is since the advent of Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain a lot more people are stocking the dilemmas that choose personnel and Swashbuckler at Heart will take these interrupts right out of your hand.

Applicable Cards: An Issue of Trust; Show Trial; Swashbuckler at Heart; Leap of Faith; Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain;