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Second Edition
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Unexpected Difficulties


[Eve] 0 Unexpected Difficulties
Plays in your core. When you have drawn dilemmas, you may destroy this event to return them to your dilemma pile and draw an equal number of dilemmas.
"That last bolt struck the warp manifold! We\'ve got an antimatter cascade, sir!"
2 C 69 or OP 33 or OVP 15

Negatives: There's nothing wrong with this card.

Positives: If you get a crappy draw you can destroy this event to get a new dilemma draw.

Extra: A perfect 10. That's the reason it's used in so many decks today. It's open to any affiliation and gives you options when creating a dilemma stack for your opponent to face. Got a bad draw? With Unexpected Difficulties you can throw those useless dilemmas back and try again. A Great card that has been in just about every deck people build.

Applicable Cards: Unexpected Difficulties;