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Second Edition
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Orb of Prophecy and Change


[Equ] 2 •Orb of Prophecy and Change
Artifact. (To play this card, you must have completed a mission requiring Acquisition, Anthropology, or Archaeology.) Orb. When your personnel present begin a mission attempt, you may exchange a personnel present with a personnel of the same affiliation in your discard pile if both of them could be played at the same headquarters mission you command. You may do this only once each turn.
30 V 12

Negatives: Have to complete a mission requiring Acq, Anthro, or Arch. before playing. You have to give up a personnel to gain a personnel. Only works once each turn.

Positives: Artifact Keyword. You can gain back a personnel with a much needed skill.

Extra: This could be very useful if the Opponent is picking off one type of Skill. Start a Mission attempt and trade in some 1 Cost scrub for a high cost personnel with a Skill or Ability you need. Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets can allow just playing the Orb and not worrying about solving a mission, the only problem would be getting personnel in your discard pile. Better watch out for the Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet though, as he'll be taking those cards right out of the discard pile Include Boon of the Celestial Temple if playing Bajorans otherwise, Metron Arena, Resolving Standing Conflict will work. Hopefully, the Opponent isn't running some card that can be planted there and still pick people off like Odo, Impartial Investigator.

Applicable Cards: Orb of Prophecy and Change; Boon of the Celestial Temple; Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets; Metron Arena, Resolve Standing Conflict; Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet; Odo, Impartial Investigator;