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Second Edition
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Soul Searching


[S] 3 Soul Searching
Place this dilemma in your core. Randomly select a personnel and place him or her on this dilemma. At the start of your turn, you may place the personnel on this dilemma at your headquarters mission and place this dilemma under your non-headquarters mission. If you do, the dilemma's owner scores 5 points.
"You will find a way... if you honor them both, you must."
29 V 8

Positives: Gets a Personnel out of away team. Doesn't go under a Mission till next turn and you get 5 points. Or remains in core and opponent never takes personnel back.

Negatives: Space only. This Dilemma could end up overcome at any Mission.

Extra: The interesting thing about this dilemma is the opponent "May" return his Personnel. So he could keep it in his core and not give you 5 points and not place it under a Mission. It's a slightly different version of Hard Time only this dilemma could end up overcome at a mission, or stay in core instead of placed out of play. Could be useful if the opponent isn't interested in giving any extra points, so the Personnel could just sit in the core. That doesn't happen with Hard Time. Good variation on a favorite dilemma.

Applicable Cards: Hard Time; Soul Searching;