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Second Edition
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To Rule in Hell


[Eve] 1 To Rule in Hell
To play this event, you cannot command a headquarters mission. Plays on your Ceti Alpha V. When a card instructs you to place a personnel on your headquarters mission, that personnel may be placed at this mission. When you command four completed [AQ] planet missions and have 120 or more points, you win the game. You may play [NA] Genetically Enhanced personnel and equipment at this mission.
29 V 26

Positives: Creates an whole new sub affiliation.

Negatives: Getting off Ceti Alpha V and getting a ship are essential for playing this sub-affiliation and the Player could end up stranded there if the Opponent takes out certain cards.

Extra: You can win the game with the victory conditions on the card (which is really hard getting 120 points) or be sneaky and solve Genesis Planet then destroy it to have a completed Space Mission. Then win the game with the standard 1 Planet, 1 Space and over 100 points victory conditions. The obstacle to overcome here is how to get a ship. Everything relys on getting Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant in play, so that when Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement is solved you can get a ship. Which has got to be in someone's discard pile. It all depends on getting the right cards at the right time which is hard to set up. If you have Joaquin in play and want to protect him during the first mission attempt you could use Marla McGivers, Superior Woman to stop him before the mission attempt to keep him safe, but once again it requires getting one of the Khan Noonien Singhs in play. (He allows McGivers to play at Ceti Alpha V and allows a few 4 Cost Genetically Enhanced Personnel to play at Cost -2. Eg. McPherson.) There's not a wide selection of personnel for this deck, but Udar, "Smike" will allow Arik Soong, Father of Many to play as well. Be sure to pack Event destruction like Grav-Plating Trap so Events like Biogenic Weapon won't lock this affiliation out of the game. Make plans for that if you are using this sub affiliation.

Applicable Cards: Biogenic Weapon; To Rule in Hell; Grav-Plating Trap; Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement; Genesis Planet; Arik Soong, Father of Many; Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant; Khan Noonien Singh, Bold Man; Khan Noonien Singh, Genetically-Engineered Nemesis; Khan Noonien Singh, Superior Sleeper; Marla McGivers, Superior Woman; McPherson; Udar, "Smike";