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Second Edition
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[Non] 4 McPherson
[Stf] [Pa] Human
•Astrometrics •Biology •Science
Genetically Enhanced. When you play this personnel, if you command Khan Noonien Sing, he is cost -2.
"By my estimate, there were some eighty or ninety of these young supermen unaccounted for when they were finally defeated."
Integrity 4 Cunning 7 Strength 8
29 V 44

Positives: 3 useful skills. High Cunning & Strength. Non-unique. Plays -2 if Khan Noonien Singh in play.

Negatives: 4 Cost without Khan Noonien Singh. Low Integrity.

Extra: McPherson's Skills of Atrometrics, Biology and Science are rare on one card. Despite his Non-Aligned status using him in other decks is hard without Khan Noonien Singh to discount him. Considering how easy McPherson was hypoed by Marla McGivers, Superior Woman in the episode using her Ability of stopping Personnel on him would be quite apt. He is most useful when with Khan and in decks using the Traverse Ion Storm Mission.

Applicable Cards: Traverse Ion Storm; Khan Noonien Singh, Bold Man; Khan Noonien Singh, Genetically-Engineered Nemesis; Khan Noonien Singh, Superior Sleeper; Marla McGivers, Superior Woman; McPherson;