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Second Edition
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George Stocker, Starbase Commodore


[Fed] 2 •George Stocker, Starbase Commodore
[Cmd] [TOS] [Pa] Human
•Archaeology •Diplomacy •Law •Leadership •Officer
You may play this personnel at cost +2 to download a [TOS] ship.
"I'd like you to take over command of the Enterprise."
Integrity 6 Cunning 5 Strength 6
12 C 64

Positives: 5 skills and good attributes for 2 cost. For cost +2 can download a [TOS] ship.

Negatives: There's nothing wrong with this card.

Extra: Personnel who can download ships are essential and this guy can download U.S.S. Enterprise, Where She Belongs (which when played can download another [TOS] Personnel.) His skills are useful and he lacks the sometimes troubling Honor and/or Treachery that An Issue of Trust Dilemma targets. He practically does Mediate Peace Treaty and Investigate Alleged Murder by himself. He should be in every [TOS] deck.

Applicable Cards: Investigate Alleged Murder; Mediate Peace Treaty; George Stocker, Starbase Commodore; U.S.S. Enterprise, Where She Belongs;