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Second Edition
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Waken Superior Sleeper


[Eve] 1 Waken Superior Sleeper
Choose one: download a [Pa] Genetically Enhanced personnel, or take a [Pa] Genetically Enhanced personnel from your discard pile and place him or her on the bottom of his or her owner's deck. Then, if you command Khan Noonien Singh, you may shuffle this event into your deck. Otherwise, destroy this event.
"The battle beings again. ...it's not a world we win, it's a universe."
29 V 27

Positives: 1 Cost. Lets you download a Past Icon symbol/GE personnel. Lets you save a Past Icon symbol/GE personnel from discard pile. May reshuffle into deck if Khan Noonien Singh in play.

Negatives: Limited amount of Past Icon/Genetically Enhanced Personnel. If you don't Command Khan Noonien Singh Event is Destroyed.

Extra: Vitally important for any To Rule In Hell decks. Essential for getting certain Personnel with special Abilities or finding certain Skills. There are around 12 targets for this card (2 of which are Khan Personas.) A good card for early or late in game actions. Early on it's great for getting out Khan Noonien Singh or the very important Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant. Later, if the player has multiples it could keep recycling to prevent a deck out.

Applicable Cards: To Rule in Hell; Waken Superior Sleeper; Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant; Khan Noonien Singh, Bold Man; Khan Noonien Singh, Genetically-Engineered Nemesis; Khan Noonien Singh, Superior Sleeper;