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Second Edition
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[Eve] 2 Unyielding
Decay: 3. (When there are three cards on this event, destroy it.) Plays in your core. When your [Bor] personnel is about to be stopped by a dilemma, you may place a [Bor] personnel from hand on this event to prevent that.
"When they decide to come, they will come in force. They do nothing piecemeal."
5 P 18 or 0 VP 118

Negatives: You have to have Borg Personnel in hand to activate. You have to lose Borg Personnel to Decay.

Positives: Non-unique. Could prevent a Borg Personnel from being stopped by a Dilemma.

Extra: Super useful card for the Borg player to prevent those annoying stops from something like Chula: The Chandra, or An Issue of Trust. Since it's Non-Unique you can have more than one in play at a time. As long as you keep a few Personnel in hand you could prevent a massive stop. Once they Decay into the Discard pile they can always be brought back with Back to Basics, Tacking Into the Wind or the Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive could allow you to switch out some non-useful Personnel for one that has Decayed into the Discard Pile

Applicable Cards: An Issue of Trust; Back to Basics; Chula: The Chandra; Tacking Into the Wind; Unyielding; Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive;