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Second Edition
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Metron Arena, Resolving Standing Conflict


[P] •Metron Arena, Resolving Standing Conflict
[AQ] 30
Leadership, 2 Science, and Cunning>32 or Officer, 2 Treachery, and Strength>32
When a card an opponent owns removes any number of non-[Bor] personnel you do not command in your discard pile from the game, place them on this mission. (You now command those personnel.)
The results will be final.
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 2
30 V 29

Negatives: Borg are specifically excluded from taking advantage of Mission's text.

Positives: The Player can prevent Opponent from placing Personnel out of play. You don't have to pay to replay personnel.

Extra: Here is a card made to modify the effects of b whose Ability removes Personnel in the Discard Pile from the game. Borg Personnel are excluded from by the game text, but the Borg usually run pretty big decks and don't need to use this mission anyway. Some battle or capture decks could just leave personnel at Metron Arena and wait. Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet would try to remove a Personnel from the game and have to be relocated Metron Arena. Then those Personnel could be targets for easy combat wins and/or capture of lone personnel with something like Odo, Impartial Investigator. The Non-Aligned Kieran MacDuff, Executive Officer is one of many Personnel that have Officer/2 Treachery Skills and is a good choice for this Mission.

Applicable Cards: Metron Arena, Resolve Standing Conflict; Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet; Kieran MacDuff, Executive Officer; Odo, Impartial Investigator;