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Second Edition
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[Eve] 2 Machinations
Temporal. Plays in your core. When you have drawn dilemmas, you may remove this event and those dilemmas from the game to search your dilemma pile and choose a dilemma that costs no more than the number of dilemmas you removed. Shuffle and replace your dilemma pile face down. Place the chosen dilemma on the top of your dilemma stack.
"Yeah, the women are in charge."
0 VP 21 or 2R 40

Negatives: When you use this event you have to place the dilemmas you have drawn out of play as well as Machinations.

Positives: If you draw a certain amount of dilemmas and you know there is one card in your dilemmas pile that will work better you can seek it out.

Extra: This event has been in a great many decks since it came out. Unexpected Difficulties is great when you need to redraw a bunch of dilemmas, but when you have a limited amount to draw Machinations is the card to use. The best part is when you have 0 to draw and spend you can use it to get a 0 Cost dilemmas like A Royal Hunt or Crew Advancement. So very useful.

Applicable Cards: A Royal Hunt; Crew Advancement; Machinations; Unexpected Difficulties;