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Second Edition
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Tox Uthat


[Equ] 3 •Tox Uthat
Artifact. (To play this card, you must have completed a mission requiring Acquisition, Anthropology, or Archaeology.) While your personnel present is facing a dilemma, you may place this equipment on the bottom of your deck to end your mission attempt. That dilemma and all remaining dilemmas in the dilemma stack are returned to their owner's dilemma pile.
"Show me where you've hidden the Tox Uthat."
12 R 21

Negatives: To play a Mission that requires Acquisition, Anthropology or Archaeology has to be solved. This Equipment is placed on the bottom of deck when used. Unused dilemmas return to owner's dilemma pile. 3 Cost.

Positives: You can end a Mission Attempt before dealing with harsh Dilemmas.

Extra: The Player's Personnel using this Equipment are not stopped when the using the Tox Uthat. When facing some tough dilemma like Where No One Has Gone Before or Whisper in the Dark you have the option of ending the Mission Attempt and not facing a tough Dilemma. It could save you being stopped for a couple turns, but the 3 Cost is more than some Players want to spend and they have to have a Mission solved to play it (unless you are using Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets.) One strategy of the Tox Uthat is to attempt big, process a Dilemma or two to get some under, then use the Tox Uthat against Where No One Has Gone Before, Gomtuu Shock Wave or Whisper in the Dark to get a second go with a smaller team at mission that already has some under.

Applicable Cards: Gomtuu Shock Wave; Where No One Has Gone Before; Whisper in the Dark; Tox Uthat; Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets;