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Second Edition
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Torga IV, Strained Negotiations


[P] •Torga IV, Strained Negotiations
[GQ] 35
Anthropology, Diplomacy, Officer, and (Honor and Integrity>34 or Strength>34 and a Vorta)
When your personnel complete this mission, choose one: each player scores 5 points; or each player loses 5 points.
"Don't you trust me?"
[Dom] [Fed]
Span 2
29 V 37

Negatives: Opponent could gain 5 points. You could lose 5 points.

Positives: You could gain 5 points. Opponent could lose 5 points. 2 Span.

Extra: This mission had an alternate personae: Torga IV, Salvage Dominion Ship. If you are building a Gamma Quad deck be sure to check that you don't use both. When a Player does use this mission they could be prepared and have Preposterous Plan or Khan! so the Opponent won't gain anything. You could also use U.S.S. Enterprise-A, Chariot of "God" and push the point total to 40 or 45 depending on which point option you choose. It's not a "may" action, so you have to choose to score or lose points. This Mission could be easily completed with 5 Personnel (or 4 Personnel if the Player chooses wisely) and is safe from Insurrection.

Applicable Cards: Insurrection; Khan!; Preposterous Plan; Torga IV, Salvage Dominion Ship; Torga IV, Strained Negotiations; U.S.S. Enterprise-A, Chariot of "God"; U.S.S. Enterprise-A, Olive Branch;