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Second Edition
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Indelicate Repairs


[Eve] 1 Indelicate Repairs
Reveal your hand. If you revealed four or more cards, choose an opponent to choose two of those cards. You may discard the chosen cards to draw cards until you have seven cards in hand. Destroy this event.
"But that's a completely improper procedure! You can't just dump that much raw energy into a bridge terminal without-"
"We are not going to get out of this by playing it safe."
29 V 21

Negatives: Opponent chooses 2 cards to be discarded. The Player has to have 4 cards in hand to activate the event.

Positives: 1 Cost. Can draw the hand to 7 cards after 2 are discarded.

Extra: The Player has to give up 3 cards (the Event and two from hand) to draw 5. For 1 Counter cost that's not bad for getting a draw of up to 5 cards. For those running a Cardassian deck they might use this over all the "discard to draw" Events like "Observer" from the Obsidian Order or use it with those cards and burn through your draw deck even faster. These are the Voyages is the more popular draw engine card, but Indelicate Repairs is useful in Bajorian decks where the Player is wanting cards in the Discard Pile.

Applicable Cards: "Observer" from the Obsidian Order; Indelicate Repairs; These Are The Voyages;