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Second Edition
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Deleted Subroutines


[Int] Deleted Subroutines
When your Hologram is facing a dilemma, discard a card from hand to choose one: you may meet Integrity requirements of that dilemma with Cunning; or name a skill that Hologram has to make that Hologram and each Hologram present lose that skill until the end of the dilemma.
"That's a violation of your programming!"
29 V 29

Positives: When Facing a single dilemma the Player may: meet Integrity requirements of dilemma using Cunning, or may make each Hologram lose a particular skill.

Negatives: The Player has to discard a card from hand to activate the Interrupt. The effects only last for one dilemma.

Extra: The first half of the dilemma is pretty sweet if you are running a deck with low Integrity. Any hologram present will activate Cunning instead of Integrity for the entire attempting crew. The second half of the Interrupt is more useful in Hologram decks as it only effects Holograms. When facing something like An Issue of Trust the Player can meet the requirements of the first part of An Issue of Trust with Treachery (or Honor) then play Deleted Subroutines and blank all the Hologram Treachery (or Honor) and remove them from targeting so no Hologram Personnel are selected to be stopped. Also, good for blanking Abilities when facing Dilemmas like: Unscientific Method, The Clown: Guillotine and All Consuming Evil.

Applicable Cards: An Issue of Trust; The Clown: Guillotine; Unscientific Method; Deleted Subroutines;