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Second Edition
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U.S.S. Defiant, Repurposed Warship


[Fed] 7 •U.S.S. Defiant, Repurposed Warship
[Cmd] [Cmd] [Cmd] [Stf]
[DS9] Defiant Class
Cloaking Device. When you play this ship, if each of your non-headquarters missions is a [GQ] mission, you may spend 5 additional counters this turn.
"Despite the continuing threat posed by the Dominion, I've convinced Starfleet that we must continue our exploration of the Gamma Quadrant."
Range 8 Weapons 10 Shields 10
0 VP 83

Positives: Cloaking Device Keyword. The Player could get 5 additional counters when played. High Weapons/Shields.

Negatives: Requires 4 personnel (3 with [Cmd] ) to staff. Ability requires all non-headquarters missions to be [GQ].

Extra: Essentially, this gives you a Defiant that plays for 2 Cost. The Gamma Quadrant requirement Ability is good if the Player is going there anyway. It's best remember to run a bunch of Command Star Icon guys, otherwise you could be destaffed and stranded. Captain on the Bridge could be a big help since the Defiant has so many Commanders. The Red Alert Event can help by pushing the Staffing Icon Personnel up to a Command Icon level. The Defiant is one of the few Federation Ships that has a cloaking device, so you could use cards that target that Keyword. If the player is using all Gamma Quadrant Missions this is the Defiant to use.

Applicable Cards: Captain on the Bridge; Condition Red; U.S.S. Defiant, Repurposed Warship;