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Second Edition
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Stripped Down


[D] 1 Stripped Down
Your opponent moves up to two dilemmas from beneath this mission to another of your non-headquarters missions.
"Is this really necessary?"
14R 15 or 0AP 11 or 0VP 20

Negatives: Has no effect on crew attempting mission. When encountered if no other Missions are solved the Dilemmas moved go to Opponents unsolved Mission.

Positives: Dual. 1 Cost. Can move 2 Dilemmas to another Mission (hopefully, one that's been solved.)

Extra: The idea of this Dilemma is good, but the advantage gained isn't a lot. While you are moving two Dilemmas away Stripped Down still gets overcome under the Mission, so there's really only a gain of one Dilemma removed. If no other Missions are completed Stripped Down would send Dilemmas to an Opponent's incomplete Mission giving him an advantage. This Dilemma does nothing to the crew attempting the Mission. When used with the Dilemma manipulators Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer and Shran, In Archer's Debt it could become really effective.

Applicable Cards: Stripped Down; Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer; Shran, In Archer's Debt;