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Second Edition
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Dakol, Lecherous Overseer


[Car] 2 •Dakol, Lecherous Overseer
[Stf] Cardassian
•Archaeology •Geology •Officer •Treachery
Glinn. When you play this personnel, the next Punishment event you play this turn is cost -2.
"I used to be stationed on Bajor. What would it cost me for an appointment?"
Integrity 4 Cunning 5 Strength 6
30 V 41

Negatives: Low Integrity.

Positives: Glinn Keyword. For 2 Cost you get 4 Skills, good Strength and the option of lowering the Cost of a Punishment Event.

Extra: The usual Punishment Event to use with Dakol is Labor Camp. Most of the other Punishment Events don't see much table time and a couple of them are 0 Cost anyway. He does carry Officer and Treachery which makes him a great candidate for The Central Command. Otherwise, Dakol is a typical Cardassian and if his skills meet your mission needs he's useful.

Applicable Cards: Labor Camp; The Central Command; Dakol, Lecherous Overseer;