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Second Edition
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Staffing Shortage


[S] 3 Staffing Shortage
Persistent. (When your personnel complete this mission, this dilemma's owner may discard a non-personnel card from hand to return this dilemma to his or her dilemma pile.) Randomly select a personnel. Unless that personnel has 2 levels of a skill, that personnel is killed. Otherwise, he or she is stopped.
"...we still need an astrogation plotter, a chief engineer..."
29 V 9

Positives: Persistent Keyword. Could kill if they lack a double Skill or stop a Personnel.

Negatives: Cost 3. Space only. Randomly selects.

Extra: The real problem with this card is the 3 Cost. These days there are Dilemmas that are 2 Cost that Stop or Kill like Back Room Dealings and Compassionate Interference. It is Persistent, so the Player could pull it back when the Mission is solved. Which is handy when facing a Space Mission heavy deck. Double Skill Personnel are fairly uncommon in most decks, so the Kill option is the more likely outcome.

Applicable Cards: Back Room Dealings; Compassionate Interference; Staffing Shortage;