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Second Edition
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Terminal Resignation


[P] 5 Terminal Resignation
Choose a Commander that corresponds with your ship that is at this mission to be killed. If no personnel were killed by this dilemma, your opponent chooses two personnel to be stopped.
"I've never liked saying goodbye, so I'll make this brief, but I want you all to know that serving as your captain has been the most extraordinary experience of my life."
29 V 11

Positives: Could kill a Commander. If that fails the Player stops 2 personnel.

Negatives: 5 Cost. Planet only. If there is more than 1 Commander Opponent chooses who dies.

Extra: Other than the Enterprise-D and Defiant the more than 1 Commander option won't come up much when facing Terminal Resignation, but it's good to remember if you'd rather lose Jean-Luc Picard, Genial Captain than Beverly Crusher, Encouraging Commander. When using it on an Opponent it is a good way to stop Personnel like James T. Kirk, Experienced Commander or Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain before any random selection Dilemmas the Player wants to use come next. The Cost 5 is a little pricey, but if the kill fails the Player can then choose 2 personnel to be stopped. A Good Dilemma.

Applicable Cards: Terminal Resignation; Beverly Crusher, Encouraging Commander; James T. Kirk, Experienced Commander; Jean-Luc Picard, Genial Captain; Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain;