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Second Edition
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Orb of Time


[Equ] 2 •Orb of Time
Artifact. (To play this card, you must have completed a mission requiring Acquisition, Anthropology, or Archaeology.) Orb. When your personnel present is facing a dilemma with a cost of 3 or more that does not require a skill, you may destroy this equipment to place the top card of the opponent on your left's dilemma pile beneath this mission.
"The Prophets will be guiding me."
30 V 13

Positives: Cost 2. Artifact and Orb Keywords. You could place a Dilemma under the mission without facing it.

Negatives: You have to be facing a Dilemma with a cost 3 or more that doesn't require a Skill to activate the Orb. It does nothing to the Dilemma you are facing. You have to destroy the Orb to activate text.

Extra: The Dilemma from the top of the Dilemma pile has to go under the mission being attempted, so it's only useful on the first or second attempt. Unless you are playing Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets you can't use it on your first Mission, so it's a bad draw early on. When in the Discard pile its Orb Keyword could pop the Orb Transport Vessel.

Applicable Cards: Orb of Time; Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets; Orb Transport Vessel;