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Second Edition
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[Fed] 1 Paulson
[Stf] [DS9] Human
•Astrometrics •Science •Transporters
Starfleet posted a number of astrophysicists at Deep Space 9 to study the unusual properties of the stable Bajoran wormhole.
Integrity 6 Cunning 5 Strength 4
1 C 280

Negatives: Low Strength.

Positives: 1 Cost. Staffing icon and Deep Space Nine Symbol. 3 skills.

Extra: This is a good card to use if you need any of her Skills for your Missions. Since she's non-unique you can use more than one in play at a time. She carries the Deep Space Nine symbol and some cards like Holding Cell can target that.

Applicable Cards: Holding Cell; Paulson;