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Second Edition
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Counterinsurgency Program


[D] 2 Counterinsurgency Program
Your opponent discards any number of event or equipment cards from hand and names a skill (except Acquisiton, Intelligence, Law or Telepathy) for each one. Unless you have those skills, all your personnel are stopped.
Tournament Promo - Series XII
0 VP 155 or 4 R 11

Negatives: The Player has to have Events or Equipment in hand. Those cards are discarded for each Skill named.

Positives: Dual. 2 Cost. The Player can pick a Skill they know the Opponent doesn't have (except Acquisiton, Intelligence, Law or Telepathy.)

Extra: At some point in the game the typical Player ends up with an Event in their hand they can't use; then when they draw Counterinsurgency Program it suddenly is useful. The Player can use something like The Oracle's Punishment or Secret Identity to look through the Opponent's Personnel stop or get rid of anyone who might have a Skill to be named. Then stop the whole crew. But there are always cards the Opponent could play like Bridge Officer's Test that could screw that up. Since "those skills" are in bold Counterinsurgency Program counts as a Skill Dilemma when facing things like Legacy.

Applicable Cards: Counterinsurgency Program; Legacy; Necessary Execution; Secret Identity; Bridge Officer's Test; Kevin Uxbridge;