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Second Edition
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U.S.S. Relativity, Federation Timeship


[Fed] 0 •U.S.S. Relativity, Federation Timeship
[Cmd] [Stf] [Stf] [Stf] [Stf] [Stf]
[Voy] [Fut] Wells Class
Temporal. At the start of each of your turns, place each non-[Fut] personnel you command in his or her owner's discard pile. You may play [Fut][Fed] personnel and equipment aboard this ship. When a card instructs you to place this ship at your headquarters mission, you may place it at your [Fed] space mission.
Tournament Promo - Series XII
Range 8 Weapons 9 Shields 8
28 V 53 or 0 VP 163

Positives: Temporal Keyword. 0 Cost. [Fut] Federation Personnel and equipment play directly to it.

Negatives: The ship causes Personnel without the future icon to be discarded at the start of the turn. Non-Aligned Personnel can not play to ship.

Extrz: Really clever card that helps build a Federation sub affiliation. Those random [Fut] Federation personnel now have a specific use. You can use Prevent Historical Disruption to download Relativity. Since Relativity has the Temporal Keyword it will work with cards like: Ohhhh! Nothing Happened! and Temporal Transporters. Another big plus is it carries the Voyager icon, so cards like Finding Our Way and A Few Minor Difficulties can include or exclude Relativity. If the Player really wants to keep some Non [Fut] icon personnel in the game they can use The Play's the Thing to give the Personnel some extra time. Also, since the cost of discarding non-future icon personnel is prohibitive it is unlikely the Opponent will want to commandeer it.

Applicable Cards: A Few Minor Difficulties; Finding Our Way; Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!; Temporal Transporters; The Play's the Thing; Prevent Historical Disruption; U.S.S. Relativity, Federation Timeship;