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Second Edition
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Biogenic Weapon


[Evt] 2 •Biogenic Weapon
To play this event, you must command two [Fed] [Maq] personnel. Plays on a mission. This mission cannot be attempted unless its owner has completed each other non-headquarters mission he or she commands.
Tournament Promo - Series XII
0 VP 157 or 6P 15

Positives: 2 Cost. Could prevent Opponent from doing one of their primary Missions.

Negatives: Easily handled with Event destruction.

Extra: Uniquely powerful Event that shows up in most Federation/Marquis decks. This is one of those Events that's often the target of destruction with cards like Grav-Plating Trap and Luther Sloan. Also, if the Opponent isn't packing two Planets and two Space they could be in trouble. In the right player's hands this Event can lock out an Opponent and prevent them from even finishing the game (especially Khan decks.) If the Player is packing Metron Arena or Historical Research to use the game text without actually attempting, they better be prepared to actually solve those Missions if Biogenic Weapon enters play.

Applicable Cards: Biogenic Weapon; Grav-Plating Trap; Metron Arena, Resolve Standing Conflict; Luther Sloan, Man of Action; Luther Sloan, Man of Secrets;