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Second Edition
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Harsh Conditions


[P] 3 Harsh Conditions
For each headquarters mission you command, your opponent names a skill. Place this dilemma on this mission. While your personnel is facing a dilemma, he or she cannot use those skills. At the end of this mission attempt, this dilemma is overcome.
Tournament Promo - Series XII
0 VP 156, 4 U 167, or 0 D 1

Negatives: Planet only. If the Opponent doesn't have a Headquarters this Dilemma doesn't work.

Positives: The Player can choose a Skill and then follow up with a Dilemma that requires that named Skill.

Extra: With the appearance of decks without Headquarters this Dilemma isn't seen as much as it used to. The standard combo was always Harsh Conditions naming Intelligence followed by Rogue Borg Ambush, but there are lots of alternatives like Harsh Conditions (naming Physics) followed with Workforce is another good combo.

Applicable Cards: Harsh Conditions; Rogue Borg Ambush; Workforce;