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Second Edition
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Brian Sofin


[Fed] 2 Brian Sofin
[Stf] [Voy] Human
•Anthropology •Archaeology •Geology •Physics •Treachery
When you play this personnel, you may lose 5 points to draw two cards, then place your hand in your discard pile and draw an equal number of cards.
"We'll be dead if we don't get the shields back up. Arm yourselves!"
Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 5
30 V 46

Negatives: Low Integrity. You have to lose 5 points to use ability.

Positives: Non-unique. 5 skills and attributes for 2 Cost. Ability lets you get a new hand.

Extra: Brian Sofin carries four useful skills and generally average Attributes for a fairly low cost. This card is mostly meant for decks using U.S.S. Equinox, Determined To Get Home where losing 5 points is offset by discarding a Nucleogenic card. Having the option of getting a new hand can be useful, but outside of Equinox decks no one is likely to use it. He can be used in Athos IV, Maquis Base and Voyager decks, where he is still useful for his skills, despite his Ability. The Treachery is a bit of a drawback with still being a major dilemma. If his skills meet your mission needs (Historical Research for example) he could be useful.

Applicable Cards: An Issue of Trust; Athos IV, Maquis Base; Brian Sofin; U.S.S. Equinox, Determined To Get Home;