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Second Edition
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[Eve] 0 •Augmentation
To play this event, you must command a Genetically Enhanced personnel. Plays in your core. Name a personnel (except an Android or a Hologram). Each personnel you own with that title gains Genetically Enhanced.
"Mankind is something to be surpassed."
29 V 17

Negatives: Unique, so you can only use it on one personnel.

Positives: 0 Cost. You can make one of your Non-aligned Personnel Genetically Enhanced.

Extra: If you want to take advantage of the Genetically Enhanced Keyword to make use of Waken Superior Sleeper or other cards that target that GE personnel this card can make it happen. So your Khan/To Rule in Hell decks can add another layer of protection to Arik Soong, Father of Many, Marla McGivers, Superior Woman, or a Personnel with a great Ability like Gem. If your deck has some skill holes you could even use it on Navaar, Experienced Gift. Then use her Ability to destroy the Event and play another targeting another Personnel. Another option is to target a Non-unique personnel like Maras and have it work on up to three copies in your deck.

Applicable Cards: Augmentation; To Rule in Hell; Waken Superior Sleeper; Arik Soong, Father of Many; Gem; Maras; Marla McGivers, Superior Woman; Navaar, Experienced Gift;