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Second Edition
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Don't Let It End This Way


[S] 0 Don't Let It End This Way
Randomly select one of your stopped personnel on this ship to be killed.
"I didn\'t have the medical knowledge I needed for Klingon anatomy. …I tried to save him."
3 C 8

Negatives: Space Only.

Positives: 0 Cost. Randomly kills an Opponents stopped Personnel.

Extra: Sister card of A Bad End. Both Dilemmas still see some use, occasionally. Usually, the idea is there is some skill the Player wants to drain off (like Anthropology) so they start with a Dilemma that will stop a Personnel with that Skill (like Antedean Assassins). Then they face Don't Let It End This Way and whoever was stopped dies. The real problem is drawing it when you need it, so if the Opponent is attempting a Planet mission, this is just a bad draw. Since the selected Personnel is stopped cards like Emergency Transport Unit won't work to save them. Don't Let It End This Way is fun to use with Tragic Turn Dilemma piles, too.

Applicable Cards: A Bad End; Don't Let It End This Way; Tragic Turn; Emergency Transport Unit;