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Second Edition
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In the Pah-Wraith's Wake


[Eve] 0 In the Pah-Wraith's Wake
Pah-wraith. To play this event, you must command three [Baj] personnel. Remove two events in your discard pile from the game to destroy an event in an opponent's core. Destroy this event.
"I know this must be of little comfort, but I never intended you any harm."
0P 24 or 7C 22 or 0P 32

Negatives: Requires 3 Bajorans. Requires Events in discard pile. Removes 2 of your Events from the game.

Positives: Pah-Wraith Keyword. 0 Cost. Destroys Event in Opponents Core.

Extra: If you are running Bajorans and a lot of Events (like Days of Atonement, These Are the Voyages and Product Placement) it couldn't hurt to throw In the Pah-Wraith's Wake in a deck. Grav-Plating Trap and Amanda Rogers are also alternative choices. They work on Interrupts and Events (Non-Core Events, too) and don't require Events in the discard pile. In The Pah-Wraith's Wake can also be weakened by Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet who shows up a good deal of the time. Another useful thing about using In the Pah-Wraith's Wake is it powers up Winn Adami, Renegade Priest.

Applicable Cards: Days of Atonement; In the Pah-wraith's Wake; Product Placement; These Are The Voyages; Amanda Rogers; Grav-Plating Trap; Dukat, Dominion Puppet; Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet; Winn Adami, Renegade Priest;